Comfort Solutions Inc. has been supplying products that assist in alleviating patient discomfort from intraoral ulcers caused by orthodontic appliances since 1996.

The company has manufactured soft caps designed from mouthguard material for the CrossbowTM appliance, ForsusTM EZ Module (ForsusTM Fatigue Resistant Device from 3M Unitek) Herbst screws, Ceramic or Metal Brackets, HTH appliance, T.P. Flip Lock appliance, Mara appliance and Transpalatal arches.

These protective coverings bring instant relief and quick healing to intraoral ulcers caused by impinging appliances. They also provide comfort to patients who play musical instruments. They also give protection to incisal edges that occlude against ceramic brackets.

Comfort Solutions now offers a Comfort Cap designed specifically for orthodontic mini-screws. These caps are sized to fit the LOMAS mini-screw available from Mondeal & Raintree Essix and are compatible with many other similarly shaped miniscrew head designs.

Any orthodontic patient who has suffered from ulcerations caused by intraoral appliances will greatly appreciate the instant relief from these simple yet effective coverings.